6.8 Registration Plates and VIN Details

InformationMethod of InspectionReason for rejection
Registration Plates
Unregistered Vehicles
Un registered vehicles need not be fitted with registration plates. 1. Check that there is a registration plate both at the front and the rear of the vehicle, and check each one for condition and security. 1. A registration plate;
a. missing
b. so insecure that it is likely to fall off
c. letter or figure missing or incomplete
d. Faded, dirty, deteriorated or obscured, (for example by a towbar so that it is likely to be misread or is not easily legible to a person standing approximately 20 metres to the front/rear of the vehicle.
Style of letters/figures
Letters/figures must be of equal width along their entire length.

Letters or figures of a particular style, eg 'computer' or 'sloped' are not to be regarded a reason for rejection unless they are likely to be misread.
2. Refer to the diagrams below and check visually that the letters and figures are correctly formed, spaced and are not obviously likely to be misread due to, for example badly positioned or uncovered retaining bolts etc (see information column 'Style of letters/figures) 2.
a. letters and figures obviously not correctly spaced
b. a letter or figure not correctly formed or likely to be misread
c. a letter or figure which is obviously not of equal width along its entire length.
Vehicle Identification Number
A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN or chassis number) is required on all vehicles first used on or after 1 August 1980, except those which are
-Kit cars
-amateur built vehicles

If a VIN Number cannot be found the vehicle presenter should be advised of the likely location of the VIN and and to thoroughly search for the number with the aid of the registration document. If following this action the VIN cannot be found the vehicle presenter should contact the nearest Vehicle Registration Office.

If more than one different VIN is found the vehicle presenter should contact the nearest Vehicle Registration Office.
3. Check that the vehicle is permanently displaying a legible Vehicle Identification Number (this can be either
- on a VIN plate secured to the vehicle, or
- stamped or etched on the vehicle body or chassis)

Note: A guide to the likely location of a VIN is given in appendix E.
a. a Vehicle Identification Number not permanently displayed or not legible, or
b. more than one different Vehicle Identification Number displayed
Registration Plates Additional Information
Layout 1
Letters on one line figures on another.
Layout 2
The gap between letters and figures must be at least double the gap between adjacent letters or figures.

 Letters and figures of equal width along their entire length.
Note 1: A year identifying letter is regarded as a figure

Note 2: Vehicles with foreign or diplomatic registrations need not conform to these layouts.
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