3.2 Hand Operated Brake Control Valves

Information Method of Inspection Reason for rejection
This inspection . Applies to all vehicles with a secondary brake operating mechanism in addition to, or in place of, the normal parking brake lever. . Includes hand operated valves fitted to control spring brakes or lock actuators 1. Examine the control for
a. fractures, damage or excessive corrosion a. deliberate modification which significantly reduces the original strength, excessive corrosion, damage, fracture or an inadequate repair of the control
b. security of operating valve spindle  b. an insecure operating valve spindle
c. amount of travel c. the control cannot be moved over its full travel
d. loose connections or leaks d. a loose connection or a leak in the system
e. wear in gate and/or lever locating mechanism e. a gate and/or locating mechanism so worn that the lever is not safely retained in the “on” or “off” position
f. damping of the lever gate on valves controlling lock actuators f. insufficient or no damping of the lever gate on valves controlling lock actuators
  2. Check the valve unit for
a. security of its mounting a. an insecure valve unit
b. location b. the lever located so that it cannot be operated satisfactorily from the normal driving position
c. correct functioning c. a valve malfunctioning
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