7.1 Fuel System

Information Method of Inspection Reason for rejection
Running the engine This inspection is to be carried out both with and without the engine running.

Locking fuel caps
If access cannot be gained to the fuel cap because it is locked and the key is not readily available or because it cannot be opened for some other reason see heading 2 of the introduction to this manual.
1. Check the following for leaks or insecurity:

a. fuel tank(s)

b. all visible fuel hoses, pipes and unions

c. all visible fuel system components

2. Check fuel tank cap for presence, positive fit and condition of sealing washer and flange.
a. fuel leaking

b. a fuel system component insecure

2. A fuel tank cap

a. missing

b. does not fasten securely
• by a positive means, or
• such that pressure is not maintained on the sealing arrangement

c. sealing washer torn, deteriorated or missing, or a mounting flange/sealing method defective such that the leakage of fuel is possible
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