6.2 Seats, Footrests and Transmission

Information Method of Inspection Reason for rejection
Pillion foot rests are not required on motor bicycles that only have a single seat. In addition some motor bicycles used on or after 14 June 1993, which are intended to carry a passenger may not be fitted with footrests but with hand holds attached to the motor bicycles frame adjacent to, or part of the seat. Refer to manufacturers information eg owners handbook.

When rejecting transmission and associated components for wear, defects, security or adjustment, the severity of the defect should be where early failure is likely.

A throttle friction device will not constitute a reason for rejection unless it adversely affects the throttle operation.
1. Check all other parts of the machine for defects which might make it dangerous to ride on the road. 1.
(i) A missing riders seat or any seat insecure
(ii) a missing or insecure footrest

b. a defect which is likely to impede the rotation of the rear wheel

c. a drive chain/belt guard, insecure or fouling another component

d. a drive chain/belt excessively loose, tight, or fouling another component

e. a drive chain, sprocket or sprocket carrier worn to excess

f. a malfunction of the throttle control or linkage that does not allow the throttle to operate as intended

g. a clutch lever so damaged, positioned, bent or shortened that it cannot be readily operated

h. any locking device not correctly fitted e.g. the horseshoe device on a drive chain fitted with the open end in the direction of rotation.
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