5.3 Side Car Wheel Alignment

Information Method of Inspection Reason for rejection
The wheel alignment of the motor bicycle part of the combination is dealt with under section 2-5 of this manual.

Vertical Alignment. It is normal for many side car to motor bicycle combinations to be set up in a manner which is not absolutely vertically aligned.

If the misalignment is considered excessive, a road test may be conducted at the testers discretion, to assess the effect on the handling of the combination. A tester may ride with the owner of the combination to make this assessment, (see Introduction Item5).
1. With the steering in the straight ahead position, place a straight edge or cord against the outer walls of the rear tyre

Place a second straight-edge or cord against the outer waifs of the side car tyre and measure between the straight-edges or cord at the front and rear of the combination.

Assess any toe-in or toeout of motorcycle and side car wheels.

2. Check visually the vertical alignment of the motorcycle and side car.
a. Toe-out of the side car wheel relative to the motorcycle

b. Excessive toe-in of the side car wheel relative to the motorcycle.

2. Excessive vertical misalignment between the motorcycle and the side car wheel which adversely affects the handling of the combination (see information column).
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