1.4 Rear Reflectors

Information Method of Inspection Reason for rejection
This inspection applies to: all machines except those which either have no front or rear position lamps or have such lamps permanently disconnected, painted over or masked that are
• only used during daylight hours, and
• not used at times of seriously reduced visibility

If this situation occurs the machine presenter should be issued with a VT32 (advisory notice) recording the above.

Statutory reflectors

Mopeds and motor bicycles require one unobscured red reflector which is aligned to the vehicles longitudinal centre line and is positioned to reflect squarely to the rear. If the motorcycle is fitted with a side car the side car will also require a reflector fitted towards the nearside and positioned to reflect squarely to the rear.

Extra reflectors fitted to a motorcycle are not included in this inspection.

Reflecting and Retroreflective tape must NOT be regarded as a substitute for an obligatory reflector.
1. Check the presence and colour of the rear reflector (two in the case of a motorcycle combination, one on the motorcycle and the other on the sidecar). (see information column).

2. Examine the reflector(s) for condition, security position and that it is not obscured
1. There is not one unobscured RED reflector (in the case of a motorcycle combination one on the machine and one on the side car) positioned to reflect squarely to the rear

2. A reflector
a. so damaged, dirty or deteriorated that its function is impaired

b. obscured

c. insecure

d. obviously incorrectly positioned
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